Ace Discovery online

2013-05-31 08:21:17 by Munglai

Hey you guys. Ace Discovery, my Cartoon Hangover pilot, has just gone up on their youtube channel. You can check it out here

Spread it around and I'll reward you with nice words. Also I have a new website/blog up for all the dumb cartoons I do with my writing partner Martin, including Ace: Spin Kick Bros tumblr


Ace Discovery

2013-02-01 11:00:31 by Munglai

Hey you guys.

I've got a cartoon coming out on Frederator's Cartoon Hangover channel pretty soon. It's about a washed-up, alcoholic space explorer and his retarded fanboy sidekick and it also features adorable sentient dicks with legs.

You can follow it on Facebook here and if you do I'll track you down and kiss you right on the mouth.


2011-01-10 18:05:39 by Munglai

I made a pretty awful film. It's about cocks and stuff.

Smokey the Monkey... again

2010-08-11 08:11:53 by Munglai

Hey guys. We just managed to get our film Smokey the Monkey onto the Portal.

You can watch it here:

Special thanks go to robin1232 for helping to convert it back into a swf.

Smokey the Monkey... again


2009-08-15 01:11:41 by Munglai

E4 is having an ident competition and I made an entry: TjvAgZ9K/play.e4

Smokey the Monkey

2009-01-28 16:49:05 by Munglai

This is a film I made as part of my university course. I made it as part of a four man group so I can't really submit it here but it might make its way over here in the future. Anyway we're trying to get it seen as much as possible so have a look. _dc