Smokey the Monkey... again

2010-08-11 08:11:53 by Munglai

Hey guys. We just managed to get our film Smokey the Monkey onto the Portal.

You can watch it here:

Special thanks go to robin1232 for helping to convert it back into a swf.

Smokey the Monkey... again


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2010-08-11 08:37:23

Oh fuck yes. I remember seeing it a long time ago on youtube. Awesome to see it on the portal.

You're doing something for Clock Day right?


2010-08-11 08:55:12

Looks good, i like the style of the line quality, particularly of the guy with the kitty shirt. poor smokey


2010-08-11 09:27:56

u got some slick skill there mate!


2010-08-11 12:19:49

you're welcome, mate